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Roar Wellness the leading addiction treatment centre in Asia, which offers care for alcoholism (alcohol addiction), drug addiction, depression, dementia, opioid and heroin addiction, methamphetamine addiction, marijuana addiction, and dual diagnoses. Roar Wellness recovery and de-habit emphasis has become well-known for its commitment to safe, secure, confidential, and effective therapy. This luxurious and top-notch rehabilitation facility, or Nasha Mukti Kendra, is located in South Delhi and also treats patients from the Delhi/NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Punjab, and other regions.

Since its founding in 2013, Roar Wellness has aimed to be the top independent provider of addiction treatment services in India. We have been in this industry since 2013. If you have an addiction, you are aware of the severe negative effects it may have on your relationships, as well as your profession and finances. Therefore, accepting your addiction and seeking treatment can be a very challenging but rewarding first step on the path to sobriety and therapy.

The goal of a project started by Mr. Madhav Singh, founder and a group of skilled experts is in order to become the top independent providers of addiction treatment services in India. For a variety of addictive substances and behaviours, ROAR Wellness is equipped to offer expert, specialised treatment programmes.

We provide programming to address destructive behaviour patterns as well as supportive psychological therapy to address any underlying emotional issues in our "dual diagnosis" programmes because the causes of your substance usage can be extremely diverse. At ROAR, we think you'll have a better chance of maintaining long-term sobriety if you pay attention to both your physical health and your emotional and psychological welfare.

At ROAR, we consider each of the individuals we serve to be a unique person dealing with a condition that affects every aspect of life. We work to give people the information and resources they need to start the healing process, starting with meeting their physical requirements. We work with clients to assist them in letting go of the feelings of shame and guilt that frequently prevent them from experiencing the freedom of recovery.


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