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Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Roar Wellness is the leading Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi which offers the best residential rehabilitation treatment for alcohol addiction, Drug Addiction and other substance abuse. Roar Wellness Rehab De addiction Centre is committed to maintaining confidentiality while providing safe and effective treatment.

We have become most popular in the industry due to the belief & Trust of our clients on us as we have maintained more than 85% Success rate among Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Delhi. Our Rehab Centre is Located in Chhatarpur, South Delhi but we are serving patients from NCR (Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad,Ghaziabad), Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and other parts of India.

Residential Rehabilitation Treatment at our centre is more effective as Residential Rehabilitation Program at Roar Rehab Centre consists of helping the patient to fight with his addiction with the help of Strict daily routine activities that includes Yoga, Meditation, Therapies, Individual as well as group counselling’s, 12 Step program, Personal Attention in Treatment and regular family meetings held at centre. Our procedures with multiple system checks ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. We strive to improve the results we deliver. We have regular audits and compliance checks based on which process improvements are incorporated to successfully offer better care with time.

Our team is motivated to deliver treatment and personal care that meets our highest standards. Over the years, we have improved our processes to create an open, world class environment. Our focus on discipline, safety and procedures ensures best results every time. Roar Wellness also know as the best Female Rehab Centre in Delhi where we offer special facilities to lady patients.

Our Alcohol De Addiction Centre in Delhi has a single objective of delivering the highest quality of care across the complete spectrum of services regarding substance use disorder treatment. This is delivered in a secure environment and is administered by a well-educated, experienced staff of healthcare practitioners and councillors who monitor the de-addiction process every step of the way.

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