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Yoga meditation is the important part of a De-addiction Programme. Yoga and Meditation are one of the most powerful tools to help the person to recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction. It has preventive, curative and also promotive qualities when we talk about mental health and especially addiction to alcohol and drugs. The Asanas while help the person gradually recover from the physical health problems and improve physical health wellbeing the meditation and breathing exercises help person develop insight into his problem and generate peace in mind.

Roar Wellness has developed a perfect yoga and meditation module which is conducted by trained professional so that therapeutic aspect of Yoga and meditation as valued. The residents to get to experience ASANAAS under the supervision of trained professional PRANAYAMA( Breathing Exercises) : conducted by trained professionals which help them calm the mind and improve wellbeing. It also helps the person manage his emotions and thoughts appropriately. DHYANA( Meditation) : there are special meditation practices followed especially keeping in mind persons with alcohol and drug problem.

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